Leather Repairs


If you live in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area, especially if you are a long-time resident, it’s amazing to think that it’s way back in 1967 that it was officially designated as a new town. Time passes so quickly – and, sadly, it can be the same story when you look at that favourite piece of leather furniture.While the years have probably been quite kind to your favourite armchair, family sofa, or relaxing recliner, there are little ways in which it might just start to show its age. Like a Holywood movie star who “might have a little work done” to help disguise the ravages of time, our team of expert, time- served technicians and craftsmen can bring your leather furniture back towards that youthful sheen you so much admired when you first chose it. Of course, the occasional “instant” accident can also occur, and we’re happy to help with that as well!

leather-repair-servcieSome common problems that need to be tackled

Take a moment to cast your eye over that home sofa or recliner. Perhaps you have some stylish leather chairs to enhance your work office, or as seating in a bar, café, restaurant or the like. Wherever, here are some common faults our teams professionally deal with on a regular basis around Milton Keynes :

  • A slight general fading of the original colour, perhaps caused by long-term direct sunlight or simple wear and tear
  • Specific spots where the colour has lessened, maybe as the result of an accidental spill
  • Areas that have darkened – often where heads rest on a sofa (natural hair oils can gradually cause this)
  • Heavy-use areas, such as the arms, have simply worn away slightly from the everyday battering that furniture does take
  • The once-comfortable padding seems to have taken on a few awkward ridges or lumps
  • One or more of the supporting springs appears to have become dislodged
  • The surface of the leather, particularly where you sit, has become slightly stretched
  • A few scratch marks have accumulated where your pet likes to relax on the sofa as much as you do
  • The wine or food stain, perhaps an accidental mark by a pen, which you quickly mopped up, still seems to have found its way into the surface
  • In spite of careful and regular cleaning, some accumulated grime does seem to have crept deep into the surface and corners
  • A slight open seam has formed where some of the stitching has yielded slightly behalf by that chair, recliner or sofa. Good news! We can repair such damage

Our repair and care experts can visit your home (or work location), assess the damage and make proposals for putting it right. Most of the work can be carried out onsite, and at a time to suit, although, occasionally, for larger tasks, we might have to take your furniture to our repair workshop. We can remove those annoying stains, replace specific damaged sites, have seats and cushion padding replaced, refurbish tired or worn areas, or restitch those damaged seams.

Partial recolouring of stained or faded areas can restore your furniture to the exact shade which attracted you so much when you first chose it. Sometimes, we will need to create a whole new panel, carefully coloured to match, to replace some serious damage (such as a tear or cut). We are also asked on occasions to totally recolour a piece of leather to match a change in décor, location – or simply for the sake of change itself!

Our Milton Keynes team also provide a terrific, surface-friendly, deep-clean to remove the evidence of years of hard work on your behalf by that chair, recliner or sofa.

Taking immediate action

Stains do become embedded, cuts sadly widen, scuffing continues to wear – so, it’s always best (and saves money in the long run) to have any problems dealt with professionally and soon. Contact us now and set us to work on your leather furniture!