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Leather Repairs Miltonkeynes is the company for you if you're looking for care, repair or ongoing maintenance for any type of leather goods and furniture.

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mobile leather repair
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We provide On-Site repair facility for your leather furniture and leather car seats. You can contact us and just leave a address, Our expert will provide you a detail report.

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mobile leather repair

Feel free to leave a message or contact us for a Enquiry. We will response within minutes. Our online support will be with you to provide you with answers of your queries.

Leather Repairs Miltonkeynes

We have developed a reputation for providing expert leather repair services throughout Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, and we don't rely on the services of a factory or workshop - all of our repairs are carried out in your own home or place of work at a time that suits you.

If you have decided that a piece of furniture is beyond economical repair due to its levels of leather damage, you should get in touch with our team of repair experts for a second decision. If we are able to return the area of leather to a usable state, this will save you the unnecessary expense of having to replace either the individual piece or the whole set of furniture.

Many people find it difficult to obtain replacement leather material that matches the existing colour or shade of their furniture, and it is therefore often impractical to carry out repairs with 'off the shelf' leather fabric. Our team of repair experts use a range of techniques and tools to create identical colour matches to the shade found in the surrounding areas, and this aspect of the service is then finished with the necessary surface treatment to ensure that it is the perfect match for the rest of the leather.

Were you not aware that we provided a regular cleaning service? We do! At a very affordable rate.

We do not remove entire pieces of furniture to carry out the required work elsewhere - all of this takes place on-site.

When purchasing and owning an item of leather furniture, many people conscientiously carry out their own regular cleaning and maintenance of the material surface to prevent the effects of wear and tear. However, sometimes it doesn't matter how careful you are - accidents can happen with very little warning.

Cigarette burns are a common problem in this area, and it is also relatively easy to catch a sharp surface on the leather and create a tear. Minor damage is also something that we can repair in a swift and professional manner, as scuffs and other marks can be treated, and any work that we carry out can also be combined with colour matching to return an item of furniture to its former glory.

If substances are accidentally spilled onto leather (a problem that is well known to families with younger children), it is extremely important to remove them with the highest levels of care. For example, if a liquid or substance is 'sticky' in nature, these adhesive qualities can leave permanent damage to the existing leather as it pulls material away from the surface.

We have dealt with countless examples of tricky and 'sticky' situations in the past, and we use the best possible combination of expertise, tools and cleaning products to remove all traces of the unwanted stain.

We treat the exposed leather to ensure that none of the residue remains - this can continue to damage the leather slowly in the time that follows, and it is therefore essential to remove it.


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