Car Leather Repairs


We are a car leather repair and leather cleaning service based in Milton Keynes, but with a wide geographical reach. Call us today for a quote or to hear more about our service, or read on to find out more about the kinds of work we do. Getting into a new car for the first time is one of the great joys of life. The smell of the leather, the feel of the wheel and a CD-player just waiting to be road-tested all combine for an unforgettable experience.

Unfortunately, six months on and many of us will think back wistfully to the time when their car was brand new. Drinks spilt by the kids, a surfeit of food wrappers and too much time stuck in traffic on the motorway can combine to make you want to buy a new car, just to have it clean again.

leather-repair-servcieYou may even have leather seats in your caravan or mobile home, in which case you certainly want to be comfortable, especially if going on a week-long trip. Perhaps the most frustrating thing to happen to a well-travelled car is when the leather on your seats rips or tears. It’s easy enough to do – a trapped belt buckle or cigarette ash can cause a tear or burn at any time, while general wear also affects the strength of the leather.

You might also have noticed stains or discolouring of your leather interiors. Why have a car looking less than pristine when you could have this rectified right away?

Most damage to your car’s interiors can be prevented or reduced by careful attention to the advice we can give you on caring for your leather. Regular cleaning with high quality, suitable products can also help to preserve the life of your leather furniture. Yet once damaged, leather or vinyl seats are harder to repair than you might imagine. It takes a specialist. That’s where we come in. Using high quality cleaning chemicals and industry approved repair methods we can expertly repair your car interiors in practically no time at all, and have your car looking like new with our colour-matching service.

We cover pretty much all of the car manufacturers you might expect, including premium brands like Ferrari, Mercedes and Jaguar, so don’t hesitate to call us today. Based in Milton Keynes, we serve a wide area, including Northampton, Bletchley, Leighton Buzzard and St Albans. We are often called out to locations across Buckinghamshire.

Given today’s demanding working environment, we understand that it’s also easy to put off repairing car seats until you can find a convenient time. You might not be able to spare much time, even less travel out of your way in order to take your car into a shop. And you certainly don’t want to sit around waiting for the repairs to be completed.

So here’s the best part. We can perform repairs at your home or place of work while you enjoy a cup of tea or make that call that you needed to. Unlike over services that cause no end of inconvenience by forcing you to go to the shop, we offer maximum convenience. With our ability to respond to you quickly, there’s no reason to let a minor rip or tear get out of hand. Call us as soon as you notice and our team will be able to advise you. Catching a tear early may even mean that the cost of repair is cheaper. We are easily contactable by phone, email and via this website. To arrange a quote, take a look on the contact page of our site and one of our friendly customer-relations team will be pleased to speak to you.